World Cup 2010

The second game of Group E,which is a bit obsolete, between Cameroon and Netherlands.

Cameroon with two losses and 0 points has no chance to qualify whatsoever, while Netherlands will qualify for sure. Even a loss here with a minimal result, will be all right for them, since the other game has to finish with 2 goals difference to surpass them.

Cameroon did not do well in the African cup of nations, nor in the friendlies before the World Cup, but they did tie awfully a lot of games. However on the start they lost to Japan with the minimal 0:1, goal that came in the 39th minute from Keisuke Honda.

Against Denmrk, the same thing happened a minimal loss with 1:2 with just a goal difference, and a very unfortunate turn of events. Cameroon lead with a goal in the 10th minute scored by Eto’o, but Bendtner equalized in the 33rd and Rommedahl finished them off in the 65th.

This game will be most like be played for honor and for the happiness of the fans.

What’s expected from this match?

Cameroon has nothing to loose, so I am expecting them to go in a extremely offensive format. While the Netherlands won’t just give up the game, I am pretty sure they will be saving their strength for the rounds of 16 and will not be playing on top of their potential here.

The betting verdict?

Both Teams to Score @ 2.00 ( Expecting Cameroon to go offensively as they have nothing more to loose. A victory or a draw here will be just for boosting the self-esteem and making their fans happy. On the other hand Holland has to keep the goal difference to a minimal if they want to finish first and not wait on the other game.

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