As usual, the transfer window is open, and the teams are looking for squad improvements for the new season. As there’s not much going on at this particular moment, we have decided to list some of the most interesting transfers so far this summer.

As usual, teams with more money like Manchester City will be in the center of the spotlight.



The 28 year old Brazilian midfielder will join Manchester City next season from Shakhtar Donetsk for 40,000,000€.

So far this is the most expensive transfer for the summer in the English Premier League.

As usual, Manchester City isn’t afraid to spend millions on new purchases though it’s not certain how well they will adapt to the EPL.

Jesus Navas


The 27 year old Spanish right wing will join Manchester City from Sevilla for the sum of 17,600,000€.

Having played for Sevilla for 9 years, it will won’t be easy leaving the club which made him what he is today.

He is known for his quick dribbling but it will take some time to adapt to the Premier League.



The 24 year old Brazilian will transfer from Corinthians to Tottenham for the price of 20,000,000€.

Since 2010 he has had 86 appearances for Corinthians and has managed to score 20 goals.

He is known for his presence in the team, creativity and possession over the ball, something Tottenham will need.

Kolo Toure


Defender Kolo Toure will transfer from Manchester City to Liverpool as a free agent.

A well built central defender with excellent qualities, which should boost Liverpool’s defense.

Considering his age (32), we are not surprised Manchester City let him go, though he is an excellent player.

Nicolas Anelka


After an absence of a year Nicolas Anelka will return in the English Premier league from Juventus to West Bromwich as a free agent.

Considering Anelka is now 34 years old, it’s normal to settle for a less competitive team, though West Bromwich have been doing well.

Hopefully he will show his best as this would most like be one of his last seasons as a football player.

Andy Carroll


Originally sold from Newcastle to Liverpool for £35,000,000 Andy Carroll was given as a loan last season to West Ham.

In 24 appearances he managed to score 7 goals, and West Ham has decided to keep the 24 year old for the price of 18,000,000€.

Would Andy Carroll reach his Newcastle shape, that we shall see this season.

It’s going to be a competitive season once again. Of course there’s plenty of time until the transfer window closes, so the most interesting is still head of us. Bet365 has already set up the odds for the new season, so be sure to check them out.

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