World Cup 2010

In the group of Death everything is already decided. North Korea taking the last spot at the moment with 0 points and Ivory Coast with only 1 point taking the 3rd spot.

On theory Ivory Coast has a chance to get the 2nd spot, if Portugal wins over Brazil with 4:0 and Ivory Coast beats North Korea with 4:0, something that sounds like a fairy tale.

North Korea did really well in the first game, but were blown away by Portugal in the 2nd game with 7:0. According to the newspapers, if they can be trusted, North Korea, impressed with the first game of their team decided to stream the game on TV.

However after the embarrassing loss, the media claims that the North Koreans government wants to punish the team by sending them to a mining camp.

If this is true, it’s just sad, how can such things still exist around the world. Anyways this might come as a stimulus for the Koreans to do well in this game.

Ivory Coast on the other hand, has to achieve an impressive victory with 7 goals, if Brazil happens to beat Portugal. This again seems very unrealistic but anything can happen.

What’s expected in this game?

Clearly Drogba and his teammates will try to achieve the impossible here, and win with over 7 goals difference. Will they be able to, is hard to tell. The North Koreans are away of their mistakes last game and will probably try to play defensively here, or at least loose with dignity.

The Betting Verdict?

Ivory Coast – 1.5 @ 2.0 ( Ivory Coast needs the victory here with a good amount of goals. This is their only hope and chance to qualify depending on the outcome of the other game.

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