World Cup 2010

Practically both teams have qualified already, but there are still some believers that expect, Portugal to loose with 3-4 goals of a difference and then Ivory Coast to win as well with that many.

While this sounds possible on theory, it’s very very unlikely to happen. This game will be a pure show, since neither team cares about the points to be honest, but Brazil would like to finish first in this group for sure.

So far the Brazilians have showed a remarkable shape, and that they are here to win the cup. I laugh at the comments that most European teams are tired and this is what prevents them to do well? Isn’t half of the Brazilian team if not all playing in Europe? How about Argentina? This is a lame excuse so everyone counting on it please shut up.

Due to the red card Kaka got in the game with Ivory Coast he will miss out this game.This game would also be another chance for Cristiano Ronaldo to shine. As we all know he is very competitive and wants to probably top the scorers list. What better opportunity to do it over one of the best teams Brazil

What to expect in this game?

I am expecting both team to go at each other, but no as aggressively as they did on their opponents in the first two games. Both teams would want to keep the goals in their own nets to a minimum, while they try to score most of their chances.

The Brazilian defenders will have to take care of Ronaldo, while the Portugal defenders will have the hard task to cover Luis Fabiano.

The betting verdict?

Over 2.5 Goals @ 2.35 ( Expecting Portugal to be looking for a victory to secure their qualification. On the other hand, Brazil would like to be the leader of the group, and will be looking for a victory as well. Knowing the styles of both teams I am expecting a good amount of show and goals.

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