World Cup 2010

Last game for the day from the round of 16 will be between the leader in Group C, USA and the second in Group D Ghana.

After a dramatic turn of events the USA was able to top the group, despite the fact that the team of England was in the very same group with them. After tying 1:1 in the first game after a mistake from the English goalkeeper Green, USA started will the tournament. Followed by another draw 2:2 against Slovenia, where they team was behind with 2 goals but managed to get 2 back in, and when they landed the killing blow with a third goal the referee didn’t count it.

The referee himself was called by FIFA for explanation, that he couldn’t give. Anyways the Americans didn’t let the decision to ruin their team spirit and went pumped up for the game with Algeria. Just when everything was looking that England and Slovenia will advance, Donovan scored for USA in the 91st minute and qualified them, as the first team in group C.

Ghana on the other hand, surprisingly won against Serbia in the first game with 1:0, and tied the 2nd game with Australia. Against the Germans, they needed a minimal loss, in case Serbia did not do well against Australia. Luckily for them, Serbia was lost the game, and Ghana qualified as the second team after the Germans.

What to expect in this game?

Being the youngest team in the World Cup, I expect Ghana to let USA dominate this game due to more expirience. The USA will probably come out with a strategic semi-offensive line worrying more not to get a goal, than to score a goal. Meanwhile Ghana, which plays a very european-like football, will probably accept the game in their half, depending on counter attacks.

Make no mistake, with all African teams being eliminated, every African nation and fan will be supporting Ghana tonight. This might give them a little bit more confidence and act with more self-esteem.

The Betting Verdict?

Under 2.5 Goals @ 1.47 ( Both teams deserve to be on the round of 16 and both teams have similar abilities. I believe that either can win the game, depending on how the match will unfold. However both teams do no play that typical offensive format, that for example big teams like Argentina and Brazil follow. I am expecting, a lot of ball control in mid-field with low amounts of attacks.

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